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It's a quarter past eight. The words in the table below are provided in Romansh Sursilvanthe other idioms are known as Sutsilvan, Surmiran, Puter and Vallader.

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My car broke down, can you help? The written German is very different form the Swiss-German, it is almost a foreign language. English German French Italian Romansh 1. Romansh is a very different and also a very old language, struggling to survive. See Lia Rumantscha for much more information about Romansh. Mon nom est Paul. Even if there are only a few villages where they still speak this language, there are nonetheless five different dialects known as idioms around. How should I respond to her lack of response?

Is there a room available? Wo kann ich eine Fahrkarte kaufen?

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The map below shows where people speak what language click on the map for an enlargement. Sonofsarek Thursday, November 23, 9: While the author took every effort to find the correct words or expressions, there is no guarantee for correctness. Again, this is a very general statement, a single individuum should not be judged simply by her or his language or ENTZUCKENDE JUNGE JAPANERIN. Yanis Samer2 Wednesday, December 6, Nua ei la posta?

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Antomirko13 Friday, December 15, 4: Gripe hd dünn reife Frau Orgasmen auf seinen. One of the key features of Switzerland is its cultural diversity. We use the following abbreviations and coloring schema to identify the languages: Even though the French and the Italian spoken in Switzerland are not absolutely the same as in the neighboring countries, they are not as different as the Swiss-German from the German-German or the Austrian-German.

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While the French speaking Swiss tend to be more open minded, the German speaking Swiss tend to be more conservative. If you come across a document on the Web which you cannot understand because it is written in a foreign language, you may try babelfish to translate it - however, my experience is, that the output is hardly useful.

How much is it? The most obvious result of this cultural variety is the fact, that - even if Switzerland is only a small country - there are as much as four different official languages: Thursday, November 23, 9: Il est huit heures et quart. Comments Questions Answers Info.

It stands not only for the separation of the languages, but also for the separation of the cultures and the ideologies.

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