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It's such a gorgeous clip, with the amazing Madame Sarka having total control of Her slaves. She then connects the leash to the wall and forces the Deutsches Luder Fickt Gerne Mit Freunden heel of Her boots into his swollen balls!

She forces Her slave to crawl, while She pulls him back by his balls! Was diese beiden Sklaven nur zu gut wissen. You're in big trouble once your cock and balls are at the mercy of the beautiful Madame Sarka. The punishment begins and the slave - having 2 kilo weights hanging from his balls - is pretty soon in agony.

Madame Sarka Total Clips It's cruel and wicked when one slave has to decide how the other slave has to be punished. The slave is asked how many strokes he has received and his POV Ebony Goddess Kitzelfolter answer shows he didn't really count. You can hear the sighs and moans, as Madame Sarka lands Her strokes with brutal force.

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Sweet mercy, your nuts while go nuts while watching it! Being a household slave for a Goddess like Madame Sarka is not an easy job. Two in Trouble 5. Madame Sarka looks sizzling hot in Her black shirt, shiny skirt and amazingly beautiful thigh-high boots. Two in Trouble 6. One at the time She is standing on their chests, forcing Her foot into their mouths. In the meanwhile Madame Sarka speaks and teases directly into the camera, making you want to join right away.

Sogleich bekommt Weißen Esel PAWG Liebt Bbc Von RB auch seine Hoden gefoltert. This clip is another proof of the excellence of Madame Sarka. Immediately things are not according to Her liking. His balls are wrapped in rope and Madame Sarka has connected a leash to the far end of the rope.

One slave is kneeling down, while Madame Sarka rests Her leg on his back. But it's not enough according to Madame Sarka, so a second weight follows. While watching POV Ebony Goddess Kitzelfolter scene, you're almost afraid his balls will come off. Which gives Madame Sarka plenty of room to punish them well! Simply outstanding and one of a kind! He has his hands behind his head, while Madame Sarka is sitting on the back of a second slave. Needless to say Her slave is suffering all over the place.

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Paddling his red ass in the meantime of course. It's a beautiful clip with the glorious Madame Sarka in the spotlights of superiority.

The other slave is forced to lick and worship the long black boot She is wearing. This is such a sexy, but also cruel clip to watch and you can't help feeling sorry for the poor slave.

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As these two slaves know very well. Two in Trouble 4.

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Meanwhile She punishes the slaves cock and you can see he is in real agony. In der Zwischenzeit spricht Madame Sarka direkt in Kamera und bringt dich dazu, doch mitzumachen! As these two slaves know way too well. Two in Trouble 1.

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